Fare Well Yaw

It didn’t take much to convince him to become part of the organisation.  After a brief conversation and a quick history lesson on the who’s and what’s of St Dunstan’s, we welcomed Yaw Peprah into the role of Director.

From the get-go Yaw enquired about ways in which he could contribute and “pay it forward”. With an eye for financial detail and an inquisitive mind Yaw managed to help steer the St Dunstan’s ship through the turbulent waters called Covid.

We wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for the wonderful, meticulous work that Yaw contributed while with St Dunstan’s as a Director.  We are sad to see you go; however, we know full well that no matter where or what you are doing it will be done with great vigour and energy. Goodluck Yaw and may your time in the Netherlands be both filled with fun and positivity. 

-Gareth Morgan


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