A dream come true by Braam Naude

In December, Braam went on a boat trip for 5 days and 4 nights. It was an incredibly exciting experience.

The boat departed from Cape Town on 19 December at around 4pm en route to Walvisbaai, Namibia. I had to check in at 12 pm and due to my visual impairment, which gave me an advantage and I could skip right to the front of the check in que.

As the boat was leaving Cape Town, everyone gathered on deck 11, for the welcome party. Great music was played, and everyone danced right through the evening. During this time, you could also go for the buffet supper.

On deck 5 was a restaurant where you were served instead of the self-help buffet. Passengers were welcome to eat anywhere they chose. You were basically free to eat the entire day.

My room was on deck 9, in and around me where different areas on the boat that took many different forms of entertainment. A disco was held on Deck 12 every single night, people danced right through the night.

I also attended a circus like show., performers  did different tricks on various props.   

When the boat arrived in Namibia, I opted to attend more shows and thus did not get off the boat.

The weather was stunning; the boat was in harmony with the waves. You had to stand still to feel the movement of the ship.

The cabins were just the right side and very well set out. I could not find fault with anything and getting around was not a problem at all.


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