A Pakistani Student Invented Device For Blind People To Make them See The World

We all know that AI technology is phenomenally gaining speed due to the increase in the computational power of computer technology since the 20th century.  The point worth mentioning here is that the Artificial Intelligence scope in Pakistan is not as great as in other developed countries. However, it has lots of potential to make the country’s economy boost with the booming industry of AI. No doubt, the contribution by Hamza to the AI sector of Pakistan is quite big as he has invented an artificial intelligence-based gadget that can detect obstructions in front of it and communicates this information to blind individuals.

Hamza said that a blind person can hang this device on his neck, after which, wherever he will go, the device will inform him about the things around him. For instance, if he is in front of a sofa, it will indicate that he has a sofa in front of you. If there is a chair, it will tell him about the chair, so that if there is anything, the gadget will detect it and inform him in the form of sound. Mohammad Hamza Khan stated that he felt that it was quite necessary to have an assistant with a blind person. However, with these vision eye devices, blind persons will no longer need an assistant. They can go anywhere on their own.

The best part is that the gadget is very lightweight. It doesn’t weigh much so any blind person can wear it anywhere. Moreover, it boasts a great backup which gives 8 to 10 hours of battery backup. Hamza further said that it took around 6 to 7 months for him to make it. The making cost of this gadget is around Rs.55,000.

He said that:

“I think if it is brought to the market, it will cost around Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000. After wearing it, the blind person will not need anyone.”
It is a great achievement indeed. We are very proud of all those Pakistanis who work hard and think for the other people of Pakistan.


Source: Phoneworld

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