Landi Engelbrecht

How to forget someone is blind? Spend some time with Landi. Landi shared some insight with us about her life, the challenges she overcame and being a mother.

She describes herself as easygoing and eager to learn.

Her positivity she attributes to setting her mind on God. She does not allow small things to upset her and keeps her sight set on the bigger picture.

Landi is currently undergoing training for using the switchboard on the computer. This is very challenging for her as she is not computer literate. She does not like changes and adapting to a new job was quite a challenge. Regardless, she is committed to making everything in her life a success.

" When I was younger and my kids were small, things were a lot more challenging. Being blind has not made a difference in how we raised our children." she says. They are grown now and happily help where they can even though she can do it herself. Landi orders groceries and pharmaceuticals via telephone. She is a good cook and her husband is living proof of this.

Landi shares that she wishes everyone will take the vaccine as she believes it will minimize the spread of Covid-19.

During these challenging times, Landi is grateful that God spared them. She became closer to God and spends more time reading her Bible. The Bible fuels her spirituality. It has been difficult not being able to socialise as usual, but prayer has kept her going and keeps her mind healthy