Nelson Mandela University: Disability Services Gears Up To Serve Visually Impaired Students

Mandela University’s Universal Accessibility and Disability Services (UADS) recently hosted a workshop in partnership with Sensory Solutions – a South African company with considerable experience in the field of accommodating persons who are visually impaired (blind or partially sighted).

This workshop was a result of UADS recently purchasing a number of assistive devices that enhance the teaching and learning experience of those with visual impairments.

According to the HOD of UADS, Nosiphiwo Delubom, “the purchase of these devices is a strategic trajectory to enhance access and the success of students with visual impairment.”

The workshop was attended by staff from UADS, ICT Services and Library and Information Services. The purpose of the workshop was to capacitate staff to adequately assist students with visual impairments to utilise the devices.

Some of the technological advances include the Topaz screen magnifier, the Lunar 8 portable reader magnifier and the Transformer HD assistive reading device which has a zoom camera.

The TOPAZ XL HD is designed to bring the low vision user the utmost in efficiency when working with printed documents and a computer.

The Transformer HD/OCR is a high performance portable electronic magnifier (CCTV) used for reading printed documents and viewing distance information such as the white board in a classroom. It features a full HD camera and optional full-page text-to-speech (OCR).

The compact and lightweight design is perfect for use everywhere. Lunar 8 is the perfect companion for magnifying things you want to see.

Source: India Education Diary