Panasonic announces ‘smart glasses for the visually impaired at CES 2023

Panasonic is partnering with Barcelona-based start-up Biel, the two companies have announced a pair of ‘life-changing’ smart glasses for aiding in mobility for visually impaired individuals at CES 2023.

Who is Biel?

Biel Glasses is a start-up founded in Barcelona in 2017, by a doctor and engineer, and named for their son Biel, who was born with low vision. It has been working on AI and robotics solutions for people affected by vision problems, and this is the first time it has partnered with a major hardware company to bring its technology into the hands of users.

Are these glasses designed for all blind users?

The joint venture utilizes Panasonic’s 5.2K HDR-capable VR goggles with Biel Glasses’ AI technology for users with low vision capabilities. With the aim of helping to reduce mobility issues caused by impaired vision, specifically peripheral vision loss, or to most of us this is known as tunnel vision, affecting people with glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and others.

How do the glasses work?

The new smart glasses allow users to receive feedback about obstacles and other hazards, using the latest in AI and robotics technologies developed by Biel Glasses, allowing visually impaired users to move around safely, independently, and with more confidence.

Biel Glasses’ cameras and sensors can detect hazards, such as obstacles, steps, and holes, all in real-time. The glasses then relay these messages back to the user on the inbuilt μOLED display panels using graphical indications that have been adapted to the individual user’s specific condition and needs for their remaining vision including zoom, adaptation to lighting, and contrast enhancement.

These smart glasses have a very specific purpose of empowering visually impaired users, but it is interesting to see Panasonic working on technology around smart wearables, AR, and VR.

Source: Cool Blind Tech

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