Welcome to St Dunstan's

Our History

Saint Dunstan’s was founded in England in 1915 by a blind man with a vision. He was the newspaper proprietor Sir Arthur Pearson, Bt. GBE, and his vision was that blind men and women should be restored from being simply the recipient of charity, to people who could lead independent, useful, contributing and satisfying lives. The idea was revolutionary in its time.

In 1918, after World War I, an after care committee was established in South Africa to care for blinded servicemen returning home. In 1938 the South African organisation became completely autonomous but has continued to maintain a close working relationship with Blind Veterans UK.

Zuko smiling at the camera
The winners of our MasterChef potjie challenge posing with their certificates. FLTR: Veronica, Joyce, Colin, Don, John, Alice, Neville, Jenny
Don and Maatje sharing a hug and bragging with their Master Chef winning certificate
George and Carlos pushing Melt in a go cart.
Pieter with his long cane smiling at the camera
Almost the entire group of the 2014 long cane rally waving and laughing.
Don embracing a dolphin
The group exploring a dried zebra skin