The countdown to the Long Cane Rally 2024 has begun!

The Rally will start at Sea Point





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Long Cane Rally Throwback

Long Cane Rally Throwback

We asked a few attendees of the previous year's Long Cane Rally to share their thoughts...

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Are You Blind and Deaf to Your Feelings?

Are You Blind and
Deaf to Your Feelings?

Humans rely on the five senses to make sense of the world around us, including understanding
our feelings and the feelings of others. But what if you do not have access to your
senses? How do those who are blind or deaf organize...

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What to Know About Repressed Emotions

What to Know About
Repressed Emotions

Some people express their emotions openly. Others tend to hide them.
But hiding your emotions doesn’t necessarily mean you’re repressing them...

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Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations to this year's graduates. No words can describe how proud we are...

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Our Trusts


Your donations help to empower so many to live independent lives. Donations to the Ian Fraser Memorial Bursary Fund or the John and Esther Ellerman Memorial Trust, no matter how big or small, continue to provide the necessary funds to achieve the universal goal of a fully inclusive society for those with disabilities.

About us

"Victory Over Blindness' is the motto of St Dunstan's, and the victory which these men are gaining and have gained is a victory more splendidly and more dearly won than the victory which they and their comrades gained on the field of battle." - Our Founder Sir Arthur Pearson

St Dunstan's has been supporting War Blinded Veterans since 1915, through physical and emotional support, helping to empower beneficiaries to live independent and fulfilling lives. In 1918, after World War I, an after Care Committee was established in South Africa to care for blinded servicemen returning home. In 1938 the South African organisation became completely autonomous but has continued to maintain a close working relationship with Blind Veterans UK.

The Ian Fraser Memorial Bursary Fund was founded in 1977 by St Dunstan's, South Africa, in memory of Lord Fraser.He believed that, as he himself proved, that given the reality of blindness, with the necessary determination, support and seizing of opportunities as they present themselves, blind and Visual Impaired students can create a better life for themselves through education.

The John Reeves Ellerman Fund was founded in 1974 by Saint Dunstan's, South Africa, to perpetuate the memory of the late Sir John Reeves Ellerman, who was a great benefactor and friend of Saint Dunstan's and a Member of the Board.

The Long Cane Rally committee of 2016

Volunteers Needed

Volunteering at St Dunstan's is a great way of giving back to your community, be it as a marshal at our annual Long Cane Rally or providing tutoring services for a visually impaired student, your time and effort is greatly appreciated and much needed.

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