Embrace the festive cheer!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… a time for holiday fun, celebration, and joyous moments with the ones we love – all of which can tend to get a little stressful, demanding, and overwhelming to bear.
Keep your sanity and beat the holiday blues this festive season with a few simple tips to get your cheer on.
1. Stay healthy
The holidays are filled with tempting treats that have us feeling guilt-ridden the day after, but this year, no food should be on the naughty list.
We believe that good food made from fresh, organic produce will have you fitting in all your favourite treats without the guilt. Whether you choose to eat in or out, we’ve got you covered with menus that include organic produce from lovingly tendered gardens right outside our kitchen door.
2. Be open to new experiences
The Midlands certainly has something for everyone, with a plethora of beautiful places to see and experience. Get out of your comfort zone and say hello to the inner adventurer you’ve been hiding from.
Start your morning off with a breathtaking hot air balloon flight at sunrise boasting an aerial view of the beautiful, rolling hills of the Midlands. At noon, venture through the crisp mountains on a horseback ride tour; and head off to a thrilling escapade of zip-lines, the perfect way to go explore The Midlands. Explore the many art galleries in the area and end with an incredible dining experience, delve into culinary masterpieces at Skyfall Fine Dining Restaurant – offering you a new taste adventure that will have your taste buds screaming for more.
3. Renew and destress
This year has been stressful but we’re here to take your blues away – and all you have to do is just relax. Escape into the tranquility of the Healing Earth Africa Spa at Brahman Hills, a haven of serenity and pure luxury – just what your body needs for a total mind and body reset.
4. Connect with others
The holiday season is the best time to reconnect with family and friends – life tends to stray us away from the ones we love with its pressures and demands of our everyday routine, but this holiday season, make time for the people who really matter.
5. Take a break
A little ‘me’ time is all we need to enjoy simple pleasures this holiday. Remember that you matter too – a little break away from reality is great for the soul. Whether it’s an afternoon nap, reading your favourite book, taking an afternoon scenic stroll - take a moment just for you.
Our magical gardens will be the perfect escape for a picnic. Not only is our garden a pleasure to amble around in but it also an artistic paradise – offering world-class sculptures.
6. Find your harmony
New year, new me…
Finding harmony can be daunting but here are a few ways to do so:
A healthy outlook on life gives us hope to be better and do better, at home and at work. It isn’t always easy to stay positive and find your silver lining but always invest in ‘you’ first. Don’t look for excuses of why things are not attainable but rather, find every possible way to reach for the goals you set.
Good health is key – make time to exercise, eat healthier and maintain a work-life balance so you don’t get consumed.
Remember, not everything goes as planned, but take every hurdle as a scenic route to your journey ahead - and never give up!
“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.” 
? Mahatma Gandhi

The Brahman Hills Team