New Project in the making

We are currently building a database for our new projects consisting of our 2 trusts. We aim to assist O&M Practitioners’ service providers and Visually impaired students on a larger scale.
Below is a short introduction to our 2 trusts:
The John and Esther Ellerman Trust
To have mobility training available to all blind people in South Africa enabling the trainees to be integrated into their community and the sighted world at large, and open doors to job opportunities.
To assist organisations of and for the blind, which based throughout the country, in both city and rural areas to provide training which is adapted to suit the needs and locality of trainees. The assistance is in the form of a – subsidy enabling organisations to employ Orientation and Mobility Practitioners.
The Ian Fraser Memorial Bursary Fund
To provide bursaries to blind and visually impaired persons enabling them to attend a FET or tertiary institutions of education.
Assisting blind and visually impaired people financially enables them to further their studies.
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